1. defending freedom every night of the week?
    from new york?
    this guy just want’s a third party candidate in the race.
    it’s ’92 all over again.

  2. The republicans are doing the impossible, they’re failing to field a single rational alternative to our present SCoaMF.

    This happened with Dole, it happened with Bush. There are rational voices out there, but none in the race. Right now the only candidate close to my way of thinking is Ron Paul, but let’s be honest, he’s not Prom King and the dolts that think food stamps CREATE jobs are looking for Prom King.

    Unemployment is shrinking because they’ve decided for political reasons to drop 1,200,000 people off the roles. They could have died or disappeared, it wouldn’t have mattered. Smaller statistical sample, lower unemployment, and it walks right past the publik skool gragiates as gospel truth. Oooh, the rate’s going down!

    When the SCoaMF took office 64% of the US workforce was employed, the number now is closer to 63%. That’s not my definition of ‘getting better’. Businesses are paralyzed by ObamaCare and the thousands of new regulations spinning out of this White House. They’re not hiring, not because they want the President’s plan (whatever that might be) to fail, they’re not hiring because they don’t know if that one additional worker will sink them like a cruise liner in the Mediterranean.

    We look for a political solution caused by politicians. We actually hear one group accuse the other of ‘playing politics’. Jesus Christ, that’s ALL THEY DO!!. There’s got to be someone else out there that wants to run -- because for the first time in 70 -- 80 years, there’s a chance a candidate will be picked at the convention. It’s apparent now, with Santorum mopping the floor with Romney, there isn’t any such thing as a strong candidate.

    Please please please, we can’t survive another 4 years of Stymie. When he loses the Senate and the House both, I picture something out of the Late Empire.

    Don’t go the Senate today, Ceasar.

  3. There’s got to be someone else out there that wants to run.

    “Who wants to be presidnet?” ( My fav from last days of Viet Nam. Smart guys were already gone)

    That last choppers will be carrying elites to their villa’s and friends abroad and immigrants back home. Were stuck here and the commies have our names and addresses.

    because for the first time in 70 — 80 years, there’s a chance a candidate will be picked at the convention.

    Ron Paul won the straw poll at a CPAC. But he was dismissed because his base was mostly those that did not buy a ticket. Not sure what that means. I could spin it into those ACTUALLY SUFFERING economically want Paul and the organized conservatives having lot in common with the down side of organized religion want samo samo. Look at Napolitano up there. What did he say. lmao I want to see a sequel to that painting of the whinning heart broken forefathers slobbering all over the poor abused white guy.

    Those unemployment statistics are as bogus as a vote count. The only perimeters of the BS is what number do we want and for who. The challeng is not to be too far off from the opponents BS lest everyone get busted.

  4. Please please please, we can’t survive another 4 years of Stymie.

    today from rasmussen.
    looky at that green line………


  5. Negative 13 is still pretty sad for a President less than 9 months from re-election. A friend of mine said it was so much the Obama 47 -- Romney 43 or Obama 48 -- Santorum 42 splits that were significant, it was the fact a sitting President was BELOW 50%. That’s because the independents have abandoned him. He has to be over 50% to have a chance.

    Plus he’s not really doing anything to change his agenda, he’s not accommodating like Clinton, shifting gears mid-term to run toward the center. He couldn’t find the Center with a flood light and a hook.

    The ‘improvements’ in the economy so far have all been accounting tricks. I don’t see unemployment below 8% by election, and that’s WITH them cutting the unemployed off the roles when they stop looking for work.

    Yeah, he’s doing a great job. And Congress has a 5% approval rating.


  6. and clinton wasn’t relying on the communist party to elect him either.
    he’s a fucking commie.
    and so is 50% of the fucking country.
    when have you known communists to be accommodating in their agendas?
    8% hell.
    it’ll be reported as 2% and everyone, save myself and three maybe four others, will believe it.
    actually it’ll be about 18%.
    and no one will give a shit.
    please note the date of composition.

  7. i wish it were.
    i’m re-reading T/8 comment.
    i think he left out the phrase “banana republic”.
    i’m trying to figure where that phrase was left out.

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