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Los Angeles Times – For decades, the nation’s pornographic film industry found a happy, largely accepting home in Los Angeles.

Producers operated lucrative businesses in anonymous office parks in the San Fernando Valley. Available in the city were a steady supply of actors and film production talent as well as opulent mansions that often served as theatrical backdrops. By one estimate, at least 5% of on-location shoots were for adult films.

But this coexistence has been suddenly shaken by sweeping health regulations that, starting March 5, will require porn performers to wear condoms while on location.

The landmark law marks a rare attempt to regulate how films are made, threatening an industry that has been a source of millions of dollars in revenue. AIDS activists are gathering signatures for a countywide ballot measure that would extend the ban to dozens of additional communities.

The industry, however, is fighting back. Leaders say they are considering plans to fight back either in court or by moving filming out of town. (Y)

It’s a debate that pits the desire to protect the health of porn actors against the freedom to make films that audiences want to see.

The Los Angeles City Council acted earlier this year after a series of incidents in which adult film productions were suspended amid concerns that HIV had been transmitted among performers. Despite the health risks of having unprotected sex on movie sets, the industry has strongly opposed a condom requirement, saying that monthly testing already safeguards performers and that customers won’t pay to see such films.

“It’s certainly a fascinating conundrum,” said Jason E. Squire, a USC professor of cinematic arts. “You want all performers, whatever they do, to be safe. That transcends content. I don’t know what the proper solution is.”

AIDS activists say that the fight over condoms is about protecting performers’ health and opposing the promotion of unsafe sex.

“The fact that porn sends out a message that the only type of sex that’s hot is unsafe … we think that’s detrimental,” said Michael Weinstein, president of the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

The Los Angeles law was the result of months of aggressive lobbying by Weinstein and other AIDS activists, who have long called on the government to step in and make the porn workplace safer. The council approved the law only after activists pressured it by gathering enough signatures to ask voters to decide the issue at the ballot box. The industry has been forced to suspend production several times amid reports that adult performers contracted HIV. One was Derrick Burts, who tested HIV-positive in 2010 and said clinic staff told him he was infected by a fellow performer.

“It’s a broken system that they have in place,” said Burts, who backs mandatory condoms. “What performer wouldn’t want to feel more safe on a work set?”

Porn industry representatives say the law is unnecessary because they regularly test actors for HIV. They maintain that Burts was not infected on the job, and that they haven’t had a confirmed work-related HIV case since 2004. When a performer turned up HIV-positive in another state in 2011, companies here voluntarily halted production until others could get tested.

Steven A. Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment said his company’s performers are allowed to use condoms if they want — but most don’t.

Filmmakers tried requiring condoms on their own in the late 1990s after an HIV scare, but sales began suffering.

“The viewers out there don’t want to see movies with condoms,” Hirsch said.

Diane Duke of the adult film lobby group Free Speech Coalition said performers should have the right to have sex as they wish. She compared the issue to boxers who fight for entertainment, even though they risk injury.

“The goal of that is to knock someone out — pound them in the head until you knock someone out,” Duke said.

“This is the first step of government overreach into the way we make movies,” Duke said. “It’s clearly the government interfering where it really doesn’t belong.… Because our industry deals with sex … we’re vulnerable and easy to attack.”

This is an industry that deals in people getting f**ked. And they say the government doesn’t belong. What the hell am i missing?
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  1. You’d be inviting constant warfare.

    Indian country. Luckily such fear didn’t always dissuade our forebears. Aryanist shouldn’t be confused with White Supremacist and it might be possible to get on with Muslims or even Blacks. Live and let live, all the while holding the belief that dying in defence of the compound or a principle is a great honour. However the compound would be protected with advanced technology and the attitude would be, “bring it on!”

  2. Maybe bull but read the Rothschilds had 500 trillion in holdings. Many wealthy elites in the west. Maybe a fund could be set up and pledges taken. Anyone can contribute and bailout the Western Governments? I don’t think the people that could actually help and still remain wealthy would want to.

  3. AA -- I wouldn’t expect your average Detroit denizen to know the difference between Aryan or Nazi (or white supremacist) -- remember there have been several incidents in the US involving the term niggardly.

    It wasn’t a requirement that those offended understood the word’s real meaning, the only thing that mattered was they were offended. The VICTIMS were offended because they were ignorant. Political correctness forgives the offended their ignorance and requires their intellectual superiors to submit to sensitivity training, wherein I would imagine you’re taught all the words you can’t use in the presence of blacks.

    I guess that could go on for weeks… :-D

  4. Speaking of lost in translation, I’m so glad things have calmed down in Afghanistan after Obama apologized (or so he said). In other news, two more American service men were killed today over the Koran.

    Maybe Obama can write their survivors and say -- “Well, at least things are calming down, right? Sorry about your husband, I gotta catch a 3 o’clock tee time…, later!”

  5. “Well, at least things are calming down, right? Sorry about your husband, I gotta work on my NCAA tournament bracket. Tune in to ESPN to see how mine compares to yours. later!”

  6. I think when it’s all over, Billy Ayers isn’t going to just be ‘some guy in the neighborhood’.

    Pay no attention to that commie behind the curtain!! The great and powerful Barack has spoken!

    Mom was a commie.
    Dad was a commie.
    Step-dad was a commie.
    Gramps and Nana were commies.
    Mentor was a commie.
    Preacher was a commie.
    College collaborators were commies.

    You can piece the rest together.

  7. I think when it’s all over, Billy Ayers isn’t going to just be ‘some guy in the neighborhood’.

    i disagree. when all is said and done, about half of this country agrees with billy ayers. or doesn’t care enough to disagree with him. oh, maybe he shouldn’t have killed that policeman, but that was forty years ago.
    i mean really, who’s going to pay attention?
    i mean really, who’s going to care?
    i mean really, the NFL has already announced it’s moving it’s season opening game due to husein giving his speech at the DNC.
    yep, billy is just one of the boys. how did he say it? guilty as sin and free as a bird. ;-)

  8. louielouie,

    I’m not out to convince Michael Moore of anything, if that’s what you’re implying. The point is Obama has downplayed this relationship from the beginning. He tried that with Rev. Wright until the videos came out, then he threw Rev. under the bus.

    I just want to see him throw Billy under the bus as well, the prick has been living large in Tehran on the Chicago for years.

    This is still a largely conservative/libertarian population, according to the polls. You’re free to associate with commies. All I’m asking for is a little sunshine.

  9. I just want to see him throw Billy under the bus as well,

    i remember reading an article back in ’08. billy said he was horrified that hussein had agreed to run. billy had advised against it. billy said hussein needed at least 3 more years of training before hussein would be ready. yes, “training” was the word billy used in the interview. imo, billy may orchestrate the throwing, just to save his friend for the greater good. farra-khan is already playing the assassination card.

  10. An AngloAmerikan brief Film Review:

    Joy Division

    A remarkable British movie set during WW2 and the sixties cold war era. The British director chose young German actors to play the roles of teenagers facing the Soviet onslaught during the closing weeks of the war. The movie is remarkable in several respects. It shows the rarely seen side of the war, the great sufferring of the German people as the Soviets advanced toward Berlin. There is none of the usual mandatory anti-German cliches. It is a grim story of rape and carnage incredibly well done on a budget of a mere six million dollars. There is a fairly heroicly portrayed character who is a British Free Corps member fighting on the side of the Germans against the Soviets. He wields an StG 44 assault rifle -- very cool. The main character armed with a Panzarfaust rocket launcher and the British renegade take out an advancing T34 tank at one point. Lots of T34 tank action although,sadly, no Tiger tanks to be seen. Refugee columns are strafed by Allied fighters. The Soviets are depicted as a mixed lot of Russians, Asiatics and in-betweeners. Soviet weapons look authentic.
    Never before in a movie have I heard a narrator state, “A town we had recaptured. Genuine life interest. An outpost of hope amidst the carnage…” Then a shot showing Nazi troops feeding the refugees. I can’t help thinking the British director is quite unusually sympathetic.
    The plot jumps between the forties and sixties frequently. British secret service are shown indulging in a bit of torture although nothing too terrible. If you cannot get the full film below is a condensed ten minute version on YouTube. The shot of the attractive naked women being tortured in the shower is a Soviet agent undergoing, um, “the process of conditioning”. All in all an excellent movie, 9/10 considering the budget. Why can’t there be more movies based on real events instead of making up stupid stuff? Essential viewing for every War movie buff.

  11. When all is said and done, we in the US and those in England had far more in common with the Germans than we ever did the Russians. The fact they started the war in Hitler’s pocket tells you all you need to know about their loyalties.

    This made going to war with Germany all the harder, but comrade Roosevelt insisted on it. With each war we have become a little less free and we are slowly turning into the people our grandfathers and fathers fought against.

    And it doesn’t help to have a Marxist in the White House.

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