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Diplomats need to promote U.S. business overseas, Clinton says

The U.S. needs more economists working in the diplomatic corps to help companies win business overseas and add jobs at home, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday.


As part of that strategy, Clinton is appointing the State Department’s first chief economist as the Obama administration tries to fully integrate the agency into its attempts to promote domestic job growth.

Heidi Crebo-Rediker, a top aide to Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman John Kerry, is being named to the post.

The State Department is training diplomats in economics, finance and markets to ensure they are focused on job creation in the U.S. and overseas, Clinton said at the Global Business Conference, which the department hosted in Washington. Diplomats are being told to conduct “business outreach and advocacy” when overseas, she said.

“We’re changing the way we do business to better advance and support the way you do business,” Clinton told corporate leaders attending a luncheon. “We need to see the world like you do, crisscrossed not just by national borders but by global supply chains.”

The conference brought together representatives from more than 100 nations, leaders from major U.S. companies and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Countries such as India, China and Brazil are already focused on economic goals, and the U.S. needs to catch up, Clinton said.

Increasing diplomacy also will help level the playing field with nations that may use non-competitive practices, she said.

Focusing on trade is part of President Barack Obama’s initiative to double U.S. exports to $3.14 trillion by 2015, from $1.57 trillion in 2009.

“We had fallen behind some other countries – some of them our friends and allies – when it came to using diplomacy to promote economic interests,” Clinton said. “American companies haven’t always seen the federal government as an ally, and I know the State Department hasn’t always been the first call when they’re looking for help. We can and will do better.”

Boeing Co. chairman and CEO Jim McNerney called on Congress to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, which he said has helped create 290,000 direct and indirect jobs at more than 3,600 U.S. companies. Renewing the bank’s lending powers has been “shamefully episodic and short term,” he said.

U.S. exporters led by Boeing, the world’s biggest aerospace company, and Caterpillar Inc., the world’s largest maker of construction and mining equipment, are pushing to increase the bank’s lending limit, which is nearing its ceiling. The companies lobbied more than 100 lawmakers this month to push for a 40 percent increase in lending, to $140 billion. They said failure to act will cost jobs.

“Ex-Im reauthorization is vital for keeping competitive with foreign rivals,” McNerney said at the conference. “It’s certainly more than a Boeing issue.”


  1. Every one of our companies have economic goals. They may not share the government’s goals, but government does not control business in this country. Only fascists like Clinton think that marriage makes sense. Only fascists like Clinton long for a good 5-Year Plan. She needs her own Red Banner Tractor Factory somewhere where she can play Animal Farm with the workers.

    Her 15 minutes are almost up. So are Barry’s.

  2. i had a comment ready to post with this article. it was about five times as long as the article. strewn with single syllable words beginning with f, s, d, b, & w. made perfect sense to me. when i had finished, i took my blood pressure. 450/375. BOOYAH!!!!
    let me just say this.
    it is not so much that i disagree with this article. it is not so much that i disagree with every paragraph of this article. it is quite simply that i disagree with every fucking sentence in this article.
    see, makes perfect sense.
    let’s just take this one example of complete lunacy.

    The State Department is training diplomats in economics, finance and markets to ensure they are focused on job creation in the U.S. and overseas,

    the state dept. is training diplomats in economics????? WTF who the hell are they hiring over at state? graduates of columbia, harvard, yale, rutgers? WTF oh, i forgot, socialism isn’t an economy. economies have variables, that amongst other things are the people that contribute to the eoconmy. as opposed to take take take.
    do you believe this shit?
    and why do they end that sentence with creation of jobs overseas?
    as hillary will be moving to the banking side of things, the appointment can only mean that john heinz-kerry will be the new sec. of state.
    one other thing. does this mean that things are all peachy with this administration and boeing? as they did attempt to block the construction of their new plant with that labor bullshit a while back?
    and who dresses this woman? did she just fart, again, or did she just take a dump?
    if this bunch of commies were in the least bit interested in what’s left of the US economy, they wouldn’t have blocked the keystone pipeline now would they?
    the US exports may very well increase in the coming months, bolstered by the export of natural gas liquids, but it will be in spite of hussein, and not because of anything this bunch of commies does.

    following the link AA provided yesterday in a different thread, i read about what was referred to in germany as the concentration camps. overhead photos of before and after bombing raids by the americans showed the layout of these facilities. putting that image together with a thread posted by RT sometime back about steve jobs and his iphones, made me think about what they have in the overseas, so-called economies. the steve jobs article talked about chinese living in dormitories, given a biscuit and a cup of tea, and working a 12 hour shift. if you substitute the word dormitories, with barracks, and guards, with managers, you get concentration camp. so one way clinton may gin up the economy in the US would be to build some………dormitories.

  3. Increasing diplomacy also will help level the playing field with nations that may use non-competitive practices, she said.

    Is that code for something I doan even wanna understand?

  4. i think you understand perfectly.

    Her 15 minutes are almost up. So are Barry’s.

    T/8, the eternal optimist.
    you see that mayan countdown clock over in the margin.
    i’m praying for that, because your’s don’t have a chance in hell.

  5. In moments of clarity I think wtf do we think we are doing. We know who is doing what to destroy us and we can’t do diddly yet we have the best patriotic military in history.

    patriot -- a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.

    defend -- to drive danger or attack away from

    away -- by a long distance or interval

    yeah I know i am one simple SOB

  6. “Faced as we are with this destiny, there is only one world-outlook that is worthy of us, that which has already been mentioned as the Choice of Achilles — better a short life, full of deeds and glory, than a long life without content. Already the danger is so great, for every individual, every class, every nation, that to cherish any illusion whatever is deplorable. The march of time cannot be halted; there is no question of prudent retreat or clever renunciation. Only dreamers believe there is a way out. Optimism is cowardice.” Oswald Spengler

  7. The pessimist always believes the optimist to be delusional. I’m currently reading Abundance by Peter Diamandis, and the progress made in the last 100 years is un-fucking believable. I am, of course, including 2 world wars, several large regional conflicts, world communism, terror attacks, several pogroms, the rise of radical Islam and several deep and painful recessions/depressions caused by Keynesian nitwits in high places.

    Yes, all of those things and yet, the world advances. You and I are richer than the kings of the Middle Ages and we possess/have access to -- devices and technology maybe only da Vinci could have guessed at.

    In the 20th Century:

    Lifespan -- increased by 30 years
    Infant mortality (per 1000 live births) -- Decreased 93%
    Infectious diseases (deaths per 1000) -- Decreased 1400%
    Heart disease (age-adjusted deaths per 1000) -- Decreased more than 50%
    Air quality (by measuring lead: mg/100 cu. meters) -- 97% decrease in pollutants
    American population -- increased 250%
    Accidental deaths (per 100,000) -- decreased 61%

    Per capita GDP (1998 dollars) -- 700% increase
    Manufacturing wages (1998 dollars) -- almost 400% increase
    Household assets (1998 dollars) -- 700% increase
    Home ownership -- 43% increase
    Black income (US) -- 1000% increase

    Percentage of workforce in agriculture -- 93% decrease
    Percentage of adults completing HS -- 400% increase
    Price of wheat -- 95% decrease
    Patents granted -- 600% increase

    So yes, let’s panic that an illiterate mob from the 7th Century will out-breed us, shall we? I’m not saying put on your rose-colored glasses, but most of the negativity I see on this board is completely unwarranted. The sky is not falling.

    Let me know when you’re all armed up and ready to blast Muslims on the street. Give me an update on Day One and let me know how it goes. I will attempt another approach. I will live my life the best way I can and work to make the rest of the world a better place. It’s necessary to leave the bunker to accomplish most of this.

  8. louikloui we gotta go. Something’s happened here… We gotta get out of this place… Somebody gonna hurt someone before the night is through. Gave a girl a ride in my wagon, she crawled in and took control. Listen, do you want to know a secret… Your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore. Your the reason our kids are ugly. I feel like an old violin. Midnight girl in a sunset town. I had everything. Mr. Peabody’s coal train done hauled it away. I saw you mommy and your mommy’s dead. To every season turn turn. Get some sleep and dream of rock and roll.

    Loving Bill

  9. Optimism is cowardice

    i don’t know much about those guys from europe at the end of the 1800s.
    didn’t this spengler guy also say, up is down, in is out, stupid is smart, night is day, wet is dry, and clarity is obfuscation?

    Economist: America on brink of energy independence, free-trade prosperity


    BY LAURIE WINSLOW World Staff Writer
    Saturday, February 25, 2012
    2/25/2012 4:59:35 AM

    Freedom, like oxygen, is vital for life.

    It’s a key ingredient for U.S. prosperity and a concept that’s gaining ground worldwide as many countries begin to recognize that freedom really is the way to build wealth.

    Economist and author Barry Asmus spoke Friday about the beauty of American freedom, adding other wide-ranging thoughts. As senior economist with the National Center for Policy Analysis, Asmus has spoken to audiences ranging from Western European leaders to corporate and community groups, and Friday he shared his message during a Tulsa Town Hall lecture at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.

    Asmus is the author of nine books, including his latest, “Bulls Don’t Blush, Bears Don’t Die.” He has testified before the House Ways and Means Committee regarding the income tax system. In his writing and speaking on political and business issues, Asmus is an unapologetic advocate of free enterprise.

    He began by thanking his audience for gathering at 10:30 a.m. to listen to an economist, which by nature is the “oddest bird.” As he said amid chuckles from his audience, economists have predicted eight out of the last three recessions.

    In a rapid-fire presentation, Asmus shared a gamut of observations, ranging from the importance of freedom and limited government to the nation’s future as a major energy producer and Oklahoma’s role in that, as well as thoughts on Social Security, health care and why taxing the rich doesn’t work and how spending more than we make is unsustainable.

    As an energy state, Oklahoma is beautifully positioned for the new and globalized world, Asmus said.

    America is about “to become the Saudi Arabia of gas and oil,” he said, predicting that within about 10 years the U.S. will be independent of Middle East oil.

    He noted that the United States is home to four of the largest natural gas fields in the world. The ability now to drill several thousand feet underground and engage in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing -- whereby water, sand and chemical additives are used to break into shale and release oil and gas -- open many opportunities, he said.

    “We are going to be a major energy exporter,” Asmus said. “We are going to be energy independent. Oklahoma will be at the front end.”

    Looking ahead, Asmus said people will be living very well at the end of this century compared to the end of the 20th century, when half of the world’s population was in poverty, with about 3.5 billion living on less than $2 a day.

    “We will end the 21st century very, very differently,” he said. “Countries like South America, Africa, China, India are getting their economic acts together and understand we need a system that expands economic wealth. The whole world is in a maturing stage in figuring out how to create wealth.”

    Communism, socialism and fascism don’t work, Asmus said, but freedom and limited government work.

    “Freedom is a country’s best investment. Freedom is a virus for which there is no antidote,” he said.

    The Founding Fathers were obsessed with limited government and designed a Constitution that delegates and enumerates freedom through checks and balances, Asmus said. They were certain that big government means a smaller citizen, and they wanted no part of it because a government big enough to give people anything they want is also big enough to take everything they have, he said.

    Asmus noted that although the United States has less than 4 percent of the world’s population, it produced 90 of the 100 most important inventions in the 20th century, has eight of the 10 major medical complexes in the world and 40 out of the 50 greatest universities in the world.

    The good news, he said, is there will always be jobs because “God has created us with unlimited wants, which means there are unlimited jobs.”

    Asmus said he also is encouraged when meeting today’s young people. Before his main presentation, he spoke to about 100 students from different schools and encouraged them to choose a profession, a job that makes them happy -- something they do best and can become specialized at through hard work and practice.

    “This is about you -- youth, vibrancy, creativity, opportunity,” Asmus said. “Every one of you can grab the brass ring if you want to. … And whatever brass ring you grab -- nothing, nothing can be done without work. Anyone who succeeds has to work hard.”

    if we could only get rid of the stupid fucking communists running this country, things might get better in my lifetime.

  10. You and I are richer than the kings of the Middle Ages and we possess/have access to — devices and technology maybe only da Vinci could have guessed at.

    Yeah Im living like a king. My neighbor can hack or steal anything i own. I’d curl up and die without last 30 years of tech.

    Lifespan — increased by 30 years

    -- that’s an economic boom.

    Infant mortality (per 1000 live births) — Decreased 93%

    -- Whites at zero growth, heathen at …?

    Infectious diseases (deaths per 1000) — Decreased 1400%

    - Running water also does wonders.

    Heart disease (age-adjusted deaths per 1000) — Decreased more than 50%

    -- How much that surgery and medication cost?

    Air quality (by measuring lead: mg/100 cu. meters) — 97% decrease in pollutants

    -- China, Russia and India fill in the gap

    American population — increased 250%

    -- I love a good culture war.

    Accidental deaths (per 100,000) — decreased 61%

    -- value of dollar decreased by …?

  11. Starting to look like in the longer run capitalism doan work either. Not capitalism? Crony capitalism? I think we are exactly where capitalism leads.

  12. I think that for the rest of our lives things are going to be pretty sweet. This is good for the individual but bad for the civilization. Our ancestors always thought about the future beyond their lives, about creating a legacy, about working for the betterment of the race. That’s why we have it so good now and for the next few years. We are like the spoilt inheritors who are now squandering the inheritance.

  13. We didn’t inherit the wealth. It was created with what we printed and borrowed, loaned and granted, and pay back is a bitch. Is not the name of the game use somebody else’s money.

  14. Communism, socialism and fascism don’t work, Asmus said, but freedom and limited government work.

    “Freedom is a country’s best investment. Freedom is a virus for which there is no antidote,” he said.

    Depends on who’s interpretation of freedom he’s talking about.

  15. We didn’t inherit the wealth.

    I don’t know about you but when I look back at my childhood it was like I was brought up in this special nursery. It was almost exclusively Indo-European and we were told that we were very lucky and we would never have to struggle to have a comfortable life. It turned out that way too. Our ancestors had subdued the natives, brought law and order, fought off rapacious enemies, turned a jungle into lush farms and everyone had their own quarter acre section. When our Queen visited we all waved little flags. That was a real inheritance.

  16. who is placing sanctions on who?

    WTF is it with these people? -- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has threatened Pakistan with sanctions if the country continues with plans to build a natural gas pipeline to Iran.

    The U.S. is moving to squeeze Iran financially in a bid to force it to drop its nuclear program. But Pakistan has been unwilling to line up behind the U.S., saying it needs Iran, a neighbor, to help it meet a massive energy shortage.

    Mrs. Clinton told a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee Wednesday that sanctions could be triggered if Islamabad presses ahead. As Pakistan’s economy already is in dire straits, the sanctions could be “particularly damaging” and “further undermine their economic status,” Mrs. Clinton said.

    Pakistan’s top bureaucrat in the Petroleum and Natural Resources Ministry, Muhammad Ejaz Chaudhry, said the pipeline was crucial for Pakistan’s energy security – the longstanding Pakistan position. But he added that Pakistan was “committed not to create any problems.” A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry was not immediately available to comment.

    “Pakistan has announced that the multi-billion-dollar gas pipeline deal with Iran is still on, despite the US pressure,” Iran’s official Islamic Republic News Agency said in a report Thursday. Tehran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

    The pressure on Pakistan comes as the U.S. is calling on India, China and Turkey to reduce their imports of Iranian crude oil. Mrs. Clinton said earlier this week the U.S. was having “very intense and very blunt” conversations with the three countries on the issue.

    The U.S. also has been disrupting financial networks that Tehran relies on to get foreign currency for its oil sales.

    The pressure appears to be having some success. The European Union agreed in January to ban Iranian oil imports from July 1. India has stood firm in public, saying it needs Iranian oil. But Indian news reports say the country has quietly been seeking increased oil supplies from Saudi Arabia and Iraq in a bid to wean itself off Iranian supply.

    The threat to Pakistan comes amid very poor relations between Islamabad and Washington. The two nations are ostensibly allies in the war against the Taliban. But the U.S. blames Pakistan for continuing to support some elements of the Taliban, a charge Pakistan denies. Military and civilian officials in Pakistan were vexed by the U.S. decision in 2005 to enhance civilian nuclear cooperation with India, while denying a similar deal to them.

    Pakistan is building civilian nuclear reactors with China’s help but says it needs to do more to ensure its energy security.

    Work on the Pakistan-Iran pipeline, which is to link Iran’s South Pars gas field with Pakistan’s Baluchistan and Sindh provinces, has not yet begun. An earlier plan to extend the pipeline through to India, at a total cost of $7 billion, was dropped after New Delhi pulled out under pressure from the U.S.

    The current project is valued at $1.5 billion and is scheduled for completion by 2014, Mr. Chaudhry said. Once operations begin, Iran has committed to supply 750 million cubic feet of gas per day for 25 years.

    Pakistan relies on gas for half its energy needs but domestic supplies are declining, forcing the country to rely on imports. The gas shortages have contributed to an energy shortfall which means most parts of the country suffer lengthy blackouts on a daily basis.

  17. Oh those poor little ringeyed devils. We’ll take away 10% of their 2 Billion annual freebies for a few months until they say sorry. My friend F.M. Elmo says if he gets elected president the first thing hes going to do is deport Barry back to Sweet Home Kenya or wtf. The next thing is to send Hillary to a burqa wearing country. Im sure one of the Saudi princes would pay something for her.
    Look another clue to this nasty pervasive international intertanglement is Barrys own former advisor Austin Ghoulsby. Remeber that dork who looked like the illegitimate offspring of Tiny Tim? He was so proud of the fact that 18% of Americans now work for a foreign company. Then theres Debra Wasser-mein Tusch, who makes Howard Dean look stable. Debra, du really bist ein Scheissbegeiter! Its as if the three stooges have taken over the white house. I cant take it!

  18. she obviously has nothing better to do. it’s the next to last listing on page six of google. page six. shit. i’ve got to come up with something better. page six my ass.

  19. You’re all under arrest. Put up your hands and move away from the keyboard.

    Nice and slow.


    :-D :-D :-D War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. OBAMA 2012!! :-D :-D :-D

  20. nah.
    they won’t arrest anyone.
    if you arrest someone, you have to fill out all that paperwork.
    they’ll just assign a couple of flunkies to RR just to bug the shit out of RT.
    i got a guy who comes into my store that is pretty good at photoshopping.
    he made a hussein birth certificate that is a better forgery than the one the white house released.
    i’ll get him to make some photos of me doing heidi.
    i wonder if she likes it doggie style?
    of course, given the bent of this administration, i wonder if heidi likes girls? (Y) :-S

  21. Maybe she a redneck gal. The name is how I stumbled in and later became the smartest guy in my town. I can even argue with T8 now and win even though he doesn’t know it. (B) (D) (8) (H)

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