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Forbes – Secessionists in California’s rural, northernmost reaches may have found a kindred spirit in the Bay Area.

Tim Draper, the Silicon Valley venture capitalist, is proposing to split California into six states, according to an initiative filing received by the state Friday.

He’d let the northern counties have their state of Jefferson, while adding North California, Central California, Silicon Valley, West California and South California.

Draper did not immediately return a telephone call for comment Friday, and the website Six Californias offers little information about his idea.

The website TechCrunch quoted Draper as saying a divided state would receive improved representation in the U.S. Senate while allowing each new state to “start fresh” with government.

That may be particularly appealing to a Republican like Draper living in what is now one large, increasingly Democratic state.

Draper’s proposal comes after supervisors in Siskiyou and Modoc passed declarations this fall supporting withdrawal from California. The movement’s prospects are dim. Even if Draper could get a ballot measure passed, redrawing state lines would require one other Herculean step: an act of Congress.


  1. The progressive needs the taxes to stay in power and he has lots of opportunists and dependent supporters. They all like things the way they are. Am told that Chinese want to get rich and get the hell out of China. Hope that mindset doesn’t take over Cali. Can’t relocate the ports but that is where all the fucked up action is.

    Haven’t read more but am told each state has the right to ‘annul’ any executive order or legislation that is not beneficial to it’s population when the Fed or Congress over steps their Constitutional power. Looks like the Judiciary is where the buck stops and it is agenda driven.

    Jefferson wrote of the SCOTUS “They are in the habit of going out of the question before them to throw an anchor ahead and grapple further hold for future advances of power” ….
    “I deem it indispensable to the continence of this nation that they be submitted to some practical and impartial control.”

    While ago I read a quote where a Justice literally said they would not the the issues dictate their court calendar. Am I wrong thinking they are playing progressive politics with their power?

  2. Figures RT would see the meat of of right off. Prolly 4 RINO’s.

    Download Video from YouTube | YouTube to MP3

    The real story is @ 0:40 International Property Maintenance Code Violation was the authority they decided to use. We have our own City and County codes for what is considered uninhabitable. Time to expose Agenda 21 to an ignorant nation.
    Watched a report where a woman was cited for collecting and recycling rainwater for her garden. No one knew it was illegal and Agenda 21 was the source.

  3. witty name for the article. AA yeah the pic she is doing chin ups not pull ups. Chin up are easy. (well used to be Cry )

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