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Secretary of the Army John McHugh said records show Lopez, who was a military truck driver in Iraq, suffered no wounds during his deployment there. McHugh testified Thursday at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, during which he said Lopez was undergoing a variety of treatment for psychiatric issues, ranging from depression to anxiety to sleep disturbances. He said Lopez was taking “a number of drugs,” including Ambien, for these conditions, and that he had seen a psychiatrist just last month. McHugh said there were no indications during that examination that Lopez showed any “sign of likely violence.”


  1. Great read everybody. Time for a reality check. I don’t see Obama getting chumps with white lab coats posed behind him to explain how great these drugs are. Fact is, every week before 9/11/2001 and every week since 9/11/2001, a similar amount of people, roughly 2500, have been killed by the American “health care” system. The proof is in the pudding. The Americans are among the least healthy in the world with exorbitant diabetes rates, obesity, etc. The efficacy displayed by new pharmas is neglible, with little thought to long-term effects. Fluoride is pumped into the water to make the city proles into good brainwashed burrocrats. Healthful medicine like cannabis is cursed and outlawed by the tyrants and pathetic minions of the police state.

  2. I don’t use any synthetic drugs, even aspirin. Like most people I already get enough toxins from the junk food that is mostly available, grown on mineral depleted soils. A Canadian researcher has said that in a decade, the seafood of the west Coast will exceed the regulations fro radioactivity in the fish. Duh, bis surprise Im predicting right now the levels will be increased and news articles will appear showing how overrated the threat is. I worked in the environment industry for years and found it to be, like most bureacracies, a jobs programs for the confused and those who obviously will never have true skills, like teachers.

  3. Well I meant teachers always say they are acting as babysitters I only would wish that they would get payed like babysitters. Absolutley no regard for results, afraid of competition, most of them barely smarter than a fifth grader. Pure jobs program. And with the excess money payed to government “workers” it virtually ensures a flood of cash every month into the stock market. If there are any of you who work in the private sector I want to say I appreciate that very much . I don’t care how much money you have, only that you earned it in a free market
    Now , about the sham system that is operating under the guise of the constitution. It always was a scam. That right to vote is as much a gimmick as the trinkets given to the Indians for manhattan. What effin good is a chance to vote when the only candidates are poltroons, trollops, crawlers, redcoats and other lickspittle trash that cant make it without big daddy.

  4. ….interesting, your points and I concur, you think Jefferson was contemplating times like these when he said…

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    ..and what in the hell is the federal government doing controlling/owning 80 percent of of a state…early on maybe but 200 years later…hell no..Bundy and Reid was surly what he was speaking of..guess history would have to sort who was which..

  5. Barack Marcos talks about the “costs” Russia will incur if they don’t let Ukraine be taken over by George Soros the way he took over the USA with his fist puppet politicians. Since when did this mongrel care about the “cost” of anything? The “Affordable” health care act is now slated to cost 6 Trillion. The realization of great amoiunts of oil in the US is strengthening the USD but I can tell you right now all the oil available in the US will not fetch 17 Trillion at todays prices. It will be a great advantage though when the middle east fields are pumped dry in about 30 years.
    Also did you hear my pal Donny Rumsfeld tell fox news that a “trained ape” could manage the afghanistan war better than Obama. Im really confused because to me he is little more than a barely trained ape. I cant even stand to see or hear that fool anymore.
    Nice gesture Pope Pelosi washing an immigrants feet at easter mass for the cameras! How much you wanta bet the person was made to wash her feet before being touched by Pontiff Pelosi. And she probably went through a thorough decontamination afterwards. ( Not shown on camera)

  6. back to your point RC. I only now just realized that many if not most of our rights were gained through the revolution in England OF 1688. To save the monarchy England gave significant rights to its lower house. Still the English found more freedom in America because any constitution is only as good as the people in leadership. Jefferson understood this very well. In fact we have lost rightas as common law was passed over for a system whereby the STATE is the plaintif on 90% of complaints. And the defendants are likely guilty of nothing but behavior deemed risky by the government.
    Im not really enthused about any GOP candidate except Rand Paul and Cruz or Mike Lee. The Mush minds like sean hennety don’t realize the dinosaurs they have been pushing like rubio are guaranteed losers, Big statists. Anyway I do thank the creator on this day but I will never thank the government for anything. Its a menace.

  7. Only way I can get a handle on freedom is knowing property rights are the key to assessing how much freedom you have. Rights of association follow property rights. “this form of government is not for everybody … but for a moral people”

    If we are not moral and use our property rights and rights of association to discriminate out of contempt as opposed to encouraging assimilation and learning English…? This progressive State and Fed are
    “bringing it all down man” by design. Big mistake letting non Western immigrants flood in and form sub cultures. Are they here to burden our system into socialist change or to expand this ever threatening to recess debt driven economy?

  8. I think RT was right about the Bundy thing. But even so people are so fed up it could become ‘things to come’ and the patriots will get their asses kicked and the media will spin them into terrorists and enemy’s of the state, racists, fascists and dangerous old white people culture. But if they get killed on camera they might get some sympathy. It is true all the other ranchers were rugulated out of business. The fed controls over 80% of Nevada land. The Fed steals the states revenue it needs for itself and then doles it back with strings. We are truly capitalists and use money alone for every thing. Even to buy your way out of consequence of crime if you have it. The good ole days are gone for good was just a fucking anomaly anyway. Only thing to do is go along with the system and borrow and pay. I can’t and suffer for it but I am stupid.

    Fed up with Whittles and Claymans,RHINO Breibarts and all NGO’s that need more and more money can’t fix shit but sound so patriotic sweet and look good at their dinner fundraisers.

    If the law and Constitution are on our side then we have 100% corrupt and or totally incompetent leadership and law enforcement. They sure will come for your ass you violate any legislation protecting political correctness.

  9. There are politicians drawing up legislature to turn ‘Federal Property’ back over to the states, “unless it’s a national park“. Is it just coincidence at the same time, the feds are trying to steal property from the native Americans for a “national park”? The US government is trying to take part of the Badlands from the Oglala Sioux for a ‘national park’. The US broke all 371 treaties it had with the tribes…and continues to do so. The government is trying to take 168,000 acres and displace 5,000 people. This is in total violation of the 1868 treaty. If they don’t go easily, I wonder if the National Park Service thugs will show up in their military garb and weaponry to encourage them to get out?

    Those Agenda 21 maps dominated by off limits to human activity zones are starting to not look like conspiracy bs

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