1. Well, we needed a little more drama this year. Crazy

    …. at least Orton is better at handing off than Romo.

    ….. its not like our chances were real good WITH Romo …..

  2. Yep …. I seen the Panthers play a couple times this year ……. they look pretty good.

    OT Bell is a local boy.

    …. Bolts are in!

  3. I dont know …… feels kinda good to be put out of my misery.

    Its kinda fitting that the season came down to one last stupid ass mistake. Weary

  4. It feels GOOOD real good, especially the part where Simms wolfs down both shoes.

    We’re coming Peyton and we’re bringing your doom.
    Beer Woodstock

  5. ….. at least yall got a bye.

    …. according to Wade Phillips thats the same thing as a playoff win.

  6. I thought it was pretty good with real hitting. Never liked showboat Sanders, but Jerry Rice is a class act. Approve

    Suh, Watt, McCoy, wake-up call for mister Rivers, hello mister Rivers. Here let me help you up. I-see-stars Daze

  7. Elisha Archibald Manning. A boy named Sue comes to mind. No wonder he’s always had an attitude.

    Eli had just spent the season throwing 27 interceptions, after all, and once or twice even seemed on the verge of tears….
    all set to notarize Peyton as the greatest quarterback of them all, and the whole event came crashing down around the big brother the way the entire season came crashing down around the kid brother….
    “I just want to say hello to Peyton,” Archie said, “and get out of here and go see my grandchildren.”….
    a FOX camera found Eli slumped in a luxury-suite chair, looking lost inside a catatonic gaze. It wasn’t enough for poor Eli to take down the Giants with him, costing them a shot at playing in a Super Bowl scheduled with him in mind, not Peyton….
    The Seahawks ended up outscoring the Manning brothers by a 66-8 count, picking off seven passes in the process….
    those signature blotches on his prominent forehead — forever left by his padded helmet — started turning an angrier shade of red….


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