1. its our kids I`m worried about. Read through the comments here…frankly I don’t give a damn what the “science” says its a perversion and its not natural in nature…a fight is coming

  2. Is it real? Viral….. Divorce….. Sell the Team?

    Ya ready for some football? The capacitor has been charging for a while now, looking for a discharge tomorrow.

  3. I think those were the pictures Jason Garret had taken for job security.

    ….. yeah I’m ready man.

  4. …. I think I’ve seen enough for tonight.

    Looks like our defense picked up right where they left off.

    …. didn’t take long for the stench of mediocrity to reappear. Zzzzzz

  5. Sad as if the Cowboys weren’t gay enough already.

    ……. I dont remember the last time I had this low expectations for them.

  6. It could be worse, your rookie linebacker could show up playing for the Titans listed at 1’2″ in Madden ’14.

  7. ….. well that went about as expected.

    … on the bright side we are going to get to pick early in next year’s draft.

  8. …guys I gonna vent abit…
    I was raised to respect a woman in every way.And take whatever she dishes out and never lift a hand and walk away…but…that was a time long ago.Now the demand to be equal in every way leaves those ways you can get cussed out for holding a door,give a compliment and you’re face to with a butch and knife ready to filet you from scrodem to throat…from a small gesture. I’ve served side by side with stretching it 5 ft woman from the Bronx that was as fiery and strong as any man I`ve met…and was my first introduction into Leasbism….but never ever did I withness the smallest perversion. To this day I would choose her to protect my back and my children…tough..damn straight..cuss drink talk shit absolutely. She gave no quarter and didn`t expect any. So you can understand my confusion in my beliefs.Tho they are for the most intact I`ve learned to step lightly…but…in this day and time maybe age I`ve come to the realization you reap what you sow…you live the high life, over indulge you reap the or woman..I wasn`t there I don`t know what happenend…but this bullshit going on with Rice and Goodell is ludicris….Janay has as much sais she had it coming..right or wrong seems they have moved on….I still hold the door…but you spit in my face I`m going to knocked you to hell out too……

  9. I hear you bud.
    I think whenever you are physically assaulted by a women a physical response is warranted.

    I dont know that you should go necessarily immediately for the knockout blow, but use the minimum amount of force required to make her stop being physically aggressive.

    I certainly dont subscribe to the walk away school of thought. But I do think Rice was too quick to go for the KO.

    I think a firm bitchslab might have done the trick.

    ….. and I think Peterson should have the right to whip his kid …… but I think he too went slightly overboard.

  10. I think use Judo moves on girls and save Karate for the guys. Expect women to go into deranged Harpy mode upon the slightest provocation or mildest of criticisms -- and learn from them that you should never apologize -- makes you look weak (I’m always breaking that rule).

  11. ..well Tony gets a reprieve for now… the Grand Jury didn’t indict…I was surprised when the toxicology reports was released that Ward had high thc levels…..

  12. Yep ….. I wonder how they kept that out of the news.

    Man, I think Tony should consider hanging it up.

    His team, outside Harvick, is in shambles.

    I would imagine this episode will affect his sponsorship.

    Seems like he’s become more of a Sunday Driver than a Racer.

    ….. and Roush ……. how can they explain away the success Penske is having with the same Yates Ford Engines? I can see why Edwards is bolting.

    I see where NASCAR mandated a tapered spacer on all engines next year. I hope they wont all be as boring as restrictor plate races are now.

    ….. I hope Kyle can get his shit together soon. Maybe the spacers will let Toyotas stay on the lead lap.

    ….. tell you what though …. Chase Elliot looks like he’s gonna be the real deal.

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